Saturday, May 2, 2009


They say when other stories push the financial news off of the front page, that it's a sure sign the economy is getting better. Now the latest news is the high class sneakers Michelle Obama is sporting. Note the slits in the pants too. The sneakers look like an old pair of Keds that someone dollied up with a red magic marker. Guess I'm getting old. Why in my day...


  1. Mr. Mustache,

    There is a well-known rule in the online mustache blogging community and that is all mustache-related or mustached-themed blogs and web sites must be cleared by the American Mustache Institute.

    Carry on.

    Dr. Abraham J. Froman
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Mustache Institute

  2. Since I started blogging with this name in 2005 I think I have been grandfathered in.