Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Everybody seems to have an opinion about the opening ceremonies. I liked them, more or less. I liked the first part where we got to see the bucolic England. The next bit I liked to with the smokestacks and the whole stadium filling up with smoke. I actually thought the queen had parachuted into the stadium until I was told otherwise. Liked the Mr. Bean bit. Liked the English literature bit. Like JK Rowling. Liked the salute to National Health Service as did Mitt Romney I'm sure. The other things Britain are known for are the great rock bands of the sixties and the sitcoms. Liked that part too. I knew Queen would be featured. Once, when visiting England I was informed that Queen was HUGE in England.

The story of the guy and girl I thought was a little weak. I know the rap singer was obligatory to make the thing multicultural. Like many baby boomers, I see hip hop the way our parents viewed rock and roll. A curiosity for thirty seconds then annoying. "Turn that &*^%#* music down!"  is my normal reaction. I've become my old man.

Ending was nice.  Overall a good show, and compares well to the China thing of a few years ago. Now on to a pleasant week of women's beach volleyball. Heard this time they are going to be dressed in bloomers.

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