Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well the big storm is over. Power is back. Luckily I had power during the evening hours last night. It was interesting going to the ACME this morning. They only sold cans and dry goods and the lights were real dim like it was being powered by a generator. The conveyor belts and electric doors didn't work. It felt like a scene from Foyle's War.

During a storm like this that gets a lot of media coverage, out of town friends and kinfolk are concerned. "Oh we were so worried. I hope you're all right!"

I can be truthful and say I got two days off from work and learned to read Agatha Christie by sunlight. Of course there is always the temptation to avoid disappointing your interrogators.

"Oh you wouldn't believe it. I was in the living room and the plaster fell off the ceiling and the basement flooded ten feet and the cat died. Remember the big oak in the back yard? It's now sticking out of my deck. And the roof of the car caved in." Makes for a better story.

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  1. Here in Somerset County it was more of an adventure...and yes it is embarrassing to say that when so many people less than an hour away lost everything - even some family members. A graduate of my HS even lost the land that her house was on.

    By the third day without power we were swearing that it was good to not watch as much TV and we were eating healthier and getting more exercise (splitting wood). We were learning how our grandparents lived.

    We did discover how generous people can be...like our neighbors who let us run a line to their generator for our fridge and freezer. And friends who lost their power for over a week said that the adventure feeling ran out about day 6...and definitely when it started to snow.

    It was nice to know that the federal government was paying attention. Yes, seeing the President - twice - helps. To us it is more than a photo-op.