Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downton abby

For a certain socioeconomic type, over 40, college educated, upper middle class or so apiring, today is the first over hyped event of the year. It is the return of Downton Abbey. Will Mary marry Mathew? Will John Bates get out of jail? Does Daisy's new found in law have designs on the poor lass? Will Shirley MacLaine turn out to be a b--ch?

When they asked Michele Dockery (Lady Mary) how she liked working with the American from Irma La Douce she she remarked on  how quiet everything seemed after she left. It must have been exciting when she was there.

The dirty truth is that people love watching the show because it allows them  to enjoy a soap opera and at the same time impress people with their  ascetic tastes. "Oh I love Masterpiece Theatre" one can say at work and seem cultured and refined.  Sort of like rhapsodizing on Tschaikovsky or eating  Nutella and telling everyone it's a health food. Or watching Les Miserables and talking about how one loves French literature.

Editor's note: When I was going to college my father mentioned a family friend who loved Tschaikovsky and I told him that people who know nothing about classical music listen to Tschaikovsky to impress people and that true music patrons ignore him. At that moment my father smiled, knowing that every penny of my college education had been well spent.

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