Sunday, July 21, 2013

The trials of the lowly flip flop

I seems there has been assault lately on that emblem of summer and good times, the flip flop. Just last week I was getting ready for work. I put on my Hawaii shorts, my monkey t shirt and my flip flops. At work there was a memo on my desk. It read  "Shorts, flip-flops, beach shoes, strapless tops and other clothing are not appropriate for the workplace." It was a huge surprise for me to find this startling announcement. The poor flip flop was no longer the accepted footwear for work.

Flip flops bring back many summer memories. My mother bought them at Modell's and all summer I would wear them everywhere. At college they went on as soon as the snow was off the sidewalk. At work they went on the day after Easter and stayed on until Columbus Day. Now I have to wear regular shoes again. I wonder why they are called flip flops?

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