Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life without the federal government

Right now they are fighting the Second Civil War in Washington. The Republicans, led by the Tea Party, want to get rid of Obamacare and are willing to shut down the federal government to do it. Later in October they will try to block the debt ceiling so no American debts will be paid. They claim they want America to remain free while others want health insurance, food stamps,student aid, and other things a man should provide for himself.

It would be strange to imagine life without a federal government. Of course there would be state and municipal governments but they would lose federal funding so be able to do less things.

I do get a taste of life without government on the way to work every morning. Since Trenton can't afford police cars to monitor traffic, you do have a sense of freedom driving to work. You can drive whatever speed you like and go through red lights if that is your wish. What a burst of euphoria that creates.

Of course you can see a country where people plunder farms to eat and where justice comes at the hand of a gun. Free men, armed, walking around the streets, safe because of their skills with firearms. Churches happily feeding the poor. Doctors joyfully treating those with no money, like they did a hundred years ago. Oh to go back to those wonderful good olde days.  

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