Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back scratching, airports, tunnels and foreign policy

Back in the day, Lyndon Johnson would grab a Senator by the arm and say,
"You know I landed in Memphis Airport last week  and was thinking, my they could use a new runway and a terminal down here."
"My thinking exactly Mr. President."
"You know if you could help me on this here civil rights bill we might find some money to help pay for your improvements in Memphis", the President would say.
Next month the civil rights legislation was passed and the next summer federal funds would became available to double the capacity at Memphis Airport.

Now our president needs the help of Chuck Schumer on the Iran deal. Israel's close friend in the Senate is suddenly being enticed with money to rebuild LaGuardia Airport. Somehow Hudson tunnel money is surfacing again.
Somewhere in Washington Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are talking turkey. I wouldn't be surprised if Senator Menendez gets out of legal trouble too. Everybody's back needs scratching once and a while.

Editor's note: Well it looks like my theory was wrong. LBJ had a complacent Congress unlike today. Schumer and Memendez are fighting the Iran deal and no federal money for the tunnel.

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