Thursday, October 22, 2015

Walking has taken on new meanings

As life in America moves ever faster and as our waistlines get ever larger, a new movement is overtaking our shores. Namely...walking somethings.

Walking meetings

This seems like a really fun Monday morning at the office. The office manager is growling into a megaphone about productivity and limiting our breaks to fifteen minutes. The staff is limping along, too much partying last weekend.

Walking school buses

This is a nice way to save the tax payers money. You coral all the kids together and a few parents or spare staff members. Everybody walks to school. Instead of sitting in a bus the little tykes are getting exercise. "A hundred bottles of beer on the wall..." they sing.

Walking dates

Walking dates can be fun. They are cheap (unless you keep stopping for things) and an efficient way to gauge the fitness of your potential life companion. Avoid these if you are out of shape. They can be tough especially if the other person is in better shape than you.

Betty hiker: I am having so much fun. This is so much more fun than swilling beer in a bar.

Barry hiker: Huff....Huff... Huff... Could you go a little slower? Boy, I need a break.  Perhaps we could stop off at the Queen and Camel for a quick one.

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