Sunday, July 24, 2016

On January 20

Well I listened to the Trump acceptance speech. It seems an awful lot of things will happen on  January 20 of 2017.

  • On that day illegal aliens will stop murdering American citizens
  • On that day people will stop shooting at police officers
  • On that day we will put an end to trade policies that hurt American workers
  • On that day Hillary will be handcuffed and put in a federal prison
  • Construction will begin on that day on a wall between the United States and Mexico
  • On that day terrorists will be deported back from whence they came
I might add a few things to my own wishlist

  • On that day Zillow will say I have made money on the condo
  • On that day I will get a raise from work
  • On that day my air conditioner will get a boost
Well we can dream. Next week the Democrats will get their turn in the beautiful I-95 corridor in south Philadelphia. I wonder if Hillary will have on a striped dress and say "Well they said they wanted to see me in stripes!"
Humor in uniform.  (for those of you who used to read Readers Digest)

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