Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas clutter

I don't know why, but this year my place seems to be inundated with Christmas clutter. I just came in from the cold and the first thing I did was, crunch, step on three Christmas candy canes in a bow. They were so cute before I pulverized them. Where did they come from? They were a goodie bag that I was handed when I walked into the work holiday party. And last night I stumbled over wrapping paper. Why are there all those boxes blocking the way to the kitchen? They are the boxes my out of town gifts came in.

I have Christmas letters on the floor of the living room, empty candy boxes on top of the tv, and my one empty chair has Christmas record album inner sleeves that should go with the albums I hope to play tomorrow.

Things are worse for me since I am a December birthday baby and still have birthday cards and birthday gifts on the floor of my home office. Once I get all my Christmas gifts in the next few days I will have more clutter. Plus I have all the gifts I have yet to wrap. I hope the tape holds out.  If I can find it in all the clutter.

I know. The secret is organization. And getting rid of stuff. Tomorrow I'll try to get organized. Happy Kringles, Mr. Mustache.

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