Saturday, February 21, 2009

A furlough

At work there is a possibility we may all be furloughed for two days. One in May and one day in June. I've never been furloughed. Admittedly it's a wimpy furlough but still it's a furlough. Everybody is all excited and jumping up and down. A wimp at heart, I'm willing to play ball. I've always believed in the credo "to get along you go along". I'd do well in the Army but I was a miserable shop steward.
Getting furloughed is one thing. Getting laid off for real would be another. Great for this blog but not so great for my pocketbook.
Editor's note: In search of a picture of a furlough, I came across an interesting story of world war 2 called Gallagher. The serendipity factor.

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