Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The secrets of American culture

One of my guilty pleasures is watching shows on E! or Bravo. I enjoy the Kardashians because of the insights they provide into modern American culture. In some ways an update on Ozzie and Harriet, the show shows the real life interactions of a group of voluptuous ladies living with their mother in their multi million dollar digs and getting into mischief. Like Ricky and David, their wealthy well connected families eventually get them out of trouble at the end of each show.

I have also just discovered one of the most significant artifacts of our age. To think this show has been airing since 2007 and I am just now discovering its wonders. Chelsea Lately is a fascinating program. The round table is my favorite part, at least so far. Here current events and celebrity tidbits are discussed by her erudite regulars. The members are representative of all walks of modern life. There's a fat gay guy, a black gay guy, a hispanic dwarf, etc. What a great show! This program clearly demonstrates America's cultural leadership in the world.

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