Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas leave

Assembly No. 1225

State of New Jersey

214th Legislature

Sponsored by:

Assemblyman John Christmas

Assemblywoman Susan L. Homaker


Provides fifteen days paid leave in the month of December for women who wish to maintain family Christmas traditions. This includes needlework, baking, wreath making, the sending of Christmas communications, the purchase of Christmas gifts, candle making, and other tasks as assigned by the families of said women. Many traditions in New Jersey are being forgotten and this act is intended to rectify this situation.

An act:

Resolved that women need special legislation in order to maintain family Christmas traditions. This act will give fifteen days paid leave to all full time employees in the State of New Jersey to fulfill these traditions. A log must be maintained and photographs available to verify the activities performed. Photographs of outdoor Christmas displays must be available in computer readable format. Indoor candles must be photographed. Photographs and samples of Christmas cookies, pastries, baked geese and other holiday meats and fish must be maintained. Receipts of Christmas related shopping must be made available. This documentation, called a "yule log", will be submitted along with the New Jersey state income tax form the following year.
Egg nog must be prepared from scratch in order for a woman to be eligible for this paid leave. Christmas trees must be natural chopped down trees for houses over 4,000 square feet. Genuine stringed popcorn must decorate these trees. Decorations for all trees, artificial and natural, will consist of a ratio at or higher than 25% for ornaments hand crafted in the United States. Other regulations to be promulgated by the appropriate state agencies.

Editor's note: The turkey is now leftover sandwiches and we are now in the Christmas season. The egg lobby had a lot to do with the egg nog ruling.

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