Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cooking for men

During my Denver days, a co-worker remarked, " I know why you're not married. You can cook."

Which may be true. I'm not a tv quality cook but I can cook tasty and interesting, if crude at times, meals. Doesn't the picture on the left look scrumptious? There it is, chicken basted with powdered garlic and under $10 (from Chile) wine. Cooked in olive oil (on sale at the Acme), carrots (California, Grimmway) mushrooms (A&P Gold Quality whole white) sliced white onions (from the Shop-Rite), sliced cayenne pepper (from the garden), cooked (not pictured) with brown rice, of provenance not determined (probably a local supermarket).

Well, enough eye candy. As good as the meal on the left looks, I had to microwave it later to cook the chicken, which had been frozen. Still the final result was not a bad dish of chicken and vegetables.
On the political prograstination note, Obama and the Democrats could have done worse, although they did lose some serious House seats. I would personally retire Nancy Pelosi. She did a good job but now it's time to settle down. We need a new, young, face to lead the party. Hope everybody enjoys their day off Thursday.

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