Sunday, June 24, 2012

Repossessions in the burbs

We all have the image of a repossession. It's one AM and two young men are sitting near Temple University drinking King Cobras. Suddenly, a tow truck drives up to a car and tows it away while the young men are jumping up and down reciting excerpts from a rap record. However, repos can happen in any neighborhood including the suburbs.

Last night at 2 AM I heard this loud sound outside my window. It sounded like a garbage truck, but what would a garbage truck be doing at this hour? Perhaps there is a fire. I looked out the window and saw no fire truck,  just a nice new SUV on a tow truck being escorted out of its space. This is the second repo I've witnessed since moving to this quiet suburban neighborhood.

Editor's Note: I love when the fire truck drives by with Santa.

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