Saturday, April 13, 2013

So what did I learn in Ireland

I always say that I travel so that I have things to talk about at parties. People with kids can stay home, because they can always talk about their kids. Childless people need to travel.  Here are ten things I learned on my trip to Ireland.

1) There's nothing like a  nice Irish breakfast. They serve them in bars and the white pudding (looks like a meat patty but is grey) is edible. The black pudding (a black patty) is definitely an acquired taste. 
2) Ireland wants to be seen as a cosmopolitan nation and for that reason tries to give the impression that it is bilingual. All the signs, railroad recordings, bus tickets, etc. are written in Irish and English. There is even a tv stations that broadcasts in Irish. I never heard anyone speaking in Irish. America speaks English and Spanish, Canada English and French, Ireland wants to be seen as speaking English and Irish. 
3) Irish bars are like traditional American bars except the beer taps are larger, they serve breakfast, and sometimes they have live traditional music at night. The beer sits a minute before the landlord gives it to the customer. They have the tv going during the day so it's difficult for tourists to eavesdrop. At night at local places, patrons really do burst into song. 
4) The best food in Dublin is Thai and Middle eastern. Had a nice falafael there.
5) Television features a lot of American shows, BBC channels, one channel in Irish and two Irish channels that have a lot of sports, talk shows, and a soap opera.
6)Young women wear leggings in Ireland.
7) There are panhandlers in Ireland.
8) There are bookie shops on Irish streets.
9) Ireland raises a lot of sheep with a few goats and cattle thrown in. Irish sweaters are expensive. I bought a cute pair of Irish made socks.
10) Irish women go into comic voices when telling a story.
Editor's note: Temple Bar in Dublin. Home of the backpack and guitar set.

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