Sunday, April 21, 2013

The progress of a generation

Baby boomers have progressed since the sixties. In the sixties we grew our hair long, discovered fm radio, pot, and war demonstrations. In the 70's we discovered yoga, hiking,  and Saturday Night Live. In the 80's we moved from hippy to yuppie. We married, gentrified neighborhoods, and traveled the world in search of Hard Rock Cafes. The 90's and 00's we raised children. A little grayer, we were long on childhood gratification and short on discipline.

In the teens now we have discovered TED talks. TED talks represent the baby boomers aspirations today as we start thinking seriously of our lives, our world, and our retirements. TED, film festivals, Atovoristan  and podcasts. It's great being a baby boomer. 

In case you may be a little behind, here is the link to TED. They are also on public radio on weekends.

Editor's note: The writer has a certain sense of guilt in never fully exploring yoga or Hard Rock Cafes in every port.

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