Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Predictions for 2015

This year my predictions were not bad. A little conservative but not bad. 
On December 31, 2013 I said the Dow would go to 17250 and it went to 17823.
I said the NASDAQ index would go to 4600 and it went to 4736.
S and P I said it would go to 2000 and it went to 2059.
I predicted a good year for Microsoft and it went from 35 to 46.

Drum roll please. Mr Mustache predictions for January 1 2016:
Dow 18500
S and P Index 2100
Microsoft will retreat to 40
Eagles will get in the playoffs but lose in January.
Obama will make overtures to Iran like he made to Cuba but Congress will not go along with the deal, no treaties or normalization.
Unemployment will go down to 5% and oil will go up to $60 
Middle East will stabilize a tad but the EU will be in the doldrums.
The New York Post will start the drumbeats to impeach the mayor of NYC.
Overall another middling year. 

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