Sunday, January 18, 2009


One casualty of the recent economic recession is flexible hours, casual hours, or in my job, awp or the alternate week program. It is a scheme where workers work longer hours some days and get a day off as a reward in a specified period. It saves on gas, cuts into traffic congestion, and makes it easier for workers to do chores like fixing a telephone or having their dogs spaded because it gives them the occasional weekday off. The day off is affectionately called an AWP.

AWP is the most frequent vocabulary term I hear at work.

"I'm sorry I can't sit in for Mary tomorrow because it's my AWP.

"I'd love to go to that training session but it's my AWP."

"I can't go to lunch tomorrow because it's my AWP."

What with staff cuts and retirements coupled with increased demand from the public, we are being asked to give up our AWP's.

What will we ever talk about without AWP's? Oh yes, we'll complain about not having AWP's.

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