Monday, January 5, 2009


One of the nice things about this recession is it allows people to gloat. All the brag-inskies got their come-upance and many of life's ne'er do wells can feel good. That is if they can hold onto their jobs.

Mr. Brag-insky lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market. Mr. Ne'er do well could never afford to buy stocks so he lost nothing. Mr. Brag-insky ran out and bought a Prius to save money on gas. Mr. Ne'er do well is holding onto his old gass guzzler and paying $1.33 a gallon for gas. Mr. Brag-inski bought a house that was more than he could afford thinking he'd make a fortune when he sold it. Mr. Ne'er do well is still renting and so lost nothing when real estate values plummeted. Gloatiing can be fun.

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