Thursday, January 15, 2009


Last weekend I went on a hike with an outdoor group and when I got there everybody pulled out their GPS's. Long the only one with a GSP in a group I was curious. I always take my GPS with me because I have a lousy sense of direction. I get lost in mall parking lots and tend to get lost when I try to take a trip to any new environment or try to park at a computer show. I have learned to take my GPS and make my car or hotel room a way point so I can return later. It was nice to discover even seasoned hikers get lost on hikes in county parks but I soon discovered I was completely off base.

Rather, they were looking for Geo caches. The new hobby that I was about to discover. Apparently the GPS has engendered a new past-time involving putting stuff under rocks, finding the coordinates with their GPS's, putting such info on the Internet, and then having men and dogs tromp through the countryside to find them. It's amazing how excited people get when they find a cache.

A harmless hobby, I suppose. They could have used GPS's when they wrote the storyline for My Man Godfrey.

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