Friday, July 10, 2009

Artsy French movies

When I was a young college student I discovered artsy French movies. Truffaut, Renoir, Cocteau, and Goddard movies were the big thing at that time and I remember seeing them in a small room with a noisy projector at Fairleigh Dickinson University. There, a young man would show movies on Friday nights followed by erudite commentary. Everybody enjoyed their cigarettes while watching the movies.

Today in Trenton, one can re live that golden age of artsy movie viewing, without the cigarettes of course. The locale is Cafe Ole on Warren Street in Trenton. The movie this week (July 15) is the Malle film, Murmur of the Heart. You can drink coffee and eat pastries and there is a discussion afterwards. 7Pm. $5, sponsored by the Trenton Film Society. Oh for a stale Galousie.
Well it was fun. We had a delay because the person with the film was late because her train was delayed in Philadelphia. The film had subtitles. One thing I noticed was that a man in the front row kept laughing during the film when there were no subtitles on the screen. He must have known French.

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