Friday, July 17, 2009

Switching break rooms

Since starting my job a few years ago I have always used the small refrigerator. It was closest to the coffee maker and the most convenient. Recently new employee use and the recession has made the refrigerator over crowded and recently, smelly. The other break room has a less crowded refrigerator. The higher ups use it but recently the other break room people invited people to emigrate to fix the Dickens like conditions in the small break room.

I have taken them up on the offer and moved to the large break room and it's refrigerator. Yes it's a better class of lunches now and the refrigerator has more room. My lunch gets to share it's space with leftover coq a vin instead of Bologna sandwiches. I have gone upscale. Still I have a sense of guilt in leaving the old break room. You can never go home again.

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