Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nude bathing

A recent article in Time magazine talks about how nude bathing is no longer in fashion in France. This article awoke memories for me about my first experience of nude bathing. I was going to Rutgers and I met a lady who lived in Ridgewood, New Jersey, a bastion of old money, or at least what passes for it in New Jersey.

My mother was very impressed with me dating someone from Ridgewood. "Mr. Mustache is moving up in the world I see", she remarked.

So I drove to Ridgewood and met my female friend. We chatted and what-not and then went to the friend's house that was having a swim party. "I brought my bathing suit!" I proclamed.

"Uh, you won't need it". I won't need it. I was about to discover life in New Jersey's wealthier suburbs.

There was a rather loud group of young people in the pool. All naked as cod fish. And they were playing volleyboall or something. We bravely entered the cool waters. After a while, we retreated poolside. A joint was being passed around. The parents of the hosts were toking up along with the younger set.

I learned then that life among the wealthier classes can be different than life among the rest of us.

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  1. Hey man, this is NJ. Everybody enjoys naked swimming, when they have the chance. And people have been smoking pot here as a regular daily occurance, comfortably for 40 years. Where'd you miss it?