Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Predictions for 2015

This year my predictions were not bad. A little conservative but not bad. 
On December 31, 2013 I said the Dow would go to 17250 and it went to 17823.
I said the NASDAQ index would go to 4600 and it went to 4736.
S and P I said it would go to 2000 and it went to 2059.
I predicted a good year for Microsoft and it went from 35 to 46.

Drum roll please. Mr Mustache predictions for January 1 2016:
Dow 18500
S and P Index 2100
Microsoft will retreat to 40
Eagles will get in the playoffs but lose in January.
Obama will make overtures to Iran like he made to Cuba but Congress will not go along with the deal, no treaties or normalization.
Unemployment will go down to 5% and oil will go up to $60 
Middle East will stabilize a tad but the EU will be in the doldrums.
The New York Post will start the drumbeats to impeach the mayor of NYC.
Overall another middling year. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas bellyaching

One of the nice parts of the holiday season is it gives us all lots of reasons to complain and bellyache. For the occasion, I let Aunt Agnes write a guest column.

The rain: This crummy rain puts me completely out of the Christmas spirit. Just an inch or two of nice white snow would do a world for my spirits.

Having to go to work on the day before or after Christmas. The roads have almost no traffic and here I’m cavorting along to work. Yuch. Humbug.

Having to put up with other people’s children at work. Daddy is off, the kids are off from school but instead of spending some time with their adorable children the fathers bring them into the office to have lunch with their poor mothers, who are chained to their desks.

People who put 20 foot high statues of Homer Simpson in their front yards. 

The scales. I put on five pounds! Too many Christmas cookies.

Christmas music. Humbug! I’m tired of hearing about poor old women getting run over by reindeers!

Trying to do other people’s jobs. The customer wants to know something that I don’t have any knowledge about. I should route her through to the cell phone of the lady, sitting in an airport, who would know.

The seven fishes. I hate having to cook seven fishes. I have enough trouble cooking one fish. All night I was refilling the water of the bacala. Humbug! I think we should open up a can of sardines and be done with it. 

Humbug. Listening to Italian Jingle bells again!

Editor's note: May you all have a happy Ukrainian Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why the U.S. may recognize Cuba

The conventional wisdom has always been that the the United States can never have normal relations with Cuba because the politician who proposes such a thing will lose Florida in a presidential election. Yesterday Jeb Bush indicated he will run for president. If he runs he will probably get the Republican nomination. A popular former governor, as a candidate he will probably win in his home state, Florida.

President Obama must figure that for years Democrats have been afraid of proposing normal relations because of a fear of losing Florida in an election. However, in 2016 there is no need to worry about making Floridians mad since they are going to vote Republican anyway. In the electoral college system, losing by one hanging chad or 20 percent is the same. So why not lose Florida in a big way rather than a small way and have an ambassador in Cuba.

It's like the kid who knows he is going to get yelled at if he arrives home ten minutes late or two hours late. He figures he might as well get home two hours late and have a good time. In for a penny in for a pound.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I guess my nails are too long

This is the time of year when you start getting Christmas gifts, or in my case, this is for Christmas and your birthday gifts. Today I got a package in the mail. The sender is a total mystery. It is a fancy manicure set.

I have always thought of myself as the dapper, well groomed man. Once every season I get a haircut. Once a month I cut my toenails and twice a month I even cut my fingernails. Once, when I had an encounter with a podiatrist I had a pedicure. 

Is this a hint? Do I need to cut my nails more often? Is one of my female admirers making a statement? Or is it just a nephew out of ideas. I love the holiday season. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Of loosies and podcasts

One thing about the recent New York police incident is that the term "loosies" has now entered the vocabulary of middle America. I can only remember two times seeing loosies for sale. Once was at a sale barn (or animal auction) in Texas and the other time was when I was treated to a visit to a cock fight in Oklahoma. I remember they sold "loosies" there for a few cents.

Yes I am now following the podcast, Serial. There is also the Slate review of Serial and the posts on Reddit about Serial. It is an interesting series, although I am skeptical of the veracity of the show. I suspect that things are included for dramatic interest. Who dunnit? Hard to tell.  Jay seems the most guilty but he has no motive. Perhaps it was one of the girlfriends and the men were being gallant.