Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bad weather

One of the features of living anywhere but southern California is that you get to experience a few rotten weather days every winter. You have to shovel snow and drive to work or go to work and you get dismissed an hour after you should have been let go. You brave your way through snow and ice and navigate slippery left turns. Finally you are home and you rush to turn on the television so you can experience the schadenfreude of seeing how much worse people have it in New York or Connecticut. Living between two television markets I can watch New York as well as Philadelphia street corners with news people gleefully reporting on miserable drivers and pedestrians in their not so fair cities. 

When the snow dies down, they go right into the next big thing, the cold temperatures. If the real temperatures are not scary enough they trot out the wind chill factor. Wind chill factors are terrifying but are really only true when you get a gust of wind. Sometimes even a pleasant but brisk day can scare the pants off of you if you believe the wind chill factor. Of course the people on tv don't want you to go out. They want you to stay in and watch them.

Well, the early predictions are in. No blizzard for the Super Bowl but it will be very cold. Especially if you factor in the wind chill factor.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Have a blessed day

I've noticed about once a week on the elevator at work I'll hear someone say "have a blessed day". I guess it's sort of like a Christian version of "have a nice day". 

I was sitting in a bar when I heard this story. Apparently the woman sitting next to me was a landlady and she was telling her "have a blessed day" story. She had a tenant that made a mess of the apartment she was renting, was always late in paying rent but always said "have a blessed day" when she met the landlord. Finally, the landlady had her evicted, had the sheriff's officer come over and remove her and her belongings from the apartment. The next day the landlady emailed the former tenant and said, "have a blessed day!"

Sitting in bars is a great cure for writer's block. Have a blessed day!