Monday, March 16, 2015

Millenials vs Baby boomers

We are constantly being told things about millenials.

They don't own cars and are too lazy to learn how to drive a car.
The don't want to have their own places but prefer to live at home and be waited on by their parents.
They want everything handed to them.
They spend all their time playing games on their cellphones and communicate by texting.
They come to work and want to set Their hours and rules.
They have USB mittens on so their fingers don't get cold when they are playing on their toys.
They can't eat like  normal people because they are gluten intolerant.

Sometimes it reminds me of what the greatest generation said about us baby boomers.

They won't go to a barbershop and have no respect for their country.
They'd rather smoke their marijuana than put in an honest day's living.
They were spoiled by their mothers and the television set and they want to set their own rules.
That music they listen too. Thump thump thump. Sounds like a tractor trailer with teeth missing on the gears.
They think they know it all.

It's great being a grumpy old baby boomer.

Editor's note: I don't want usb mittens for Christmas but I could use an Apple watch.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Daylight Savings Time

Another Daylight Savings Time is upon us. Idle hands being the devil's workshop, I have been reading the pro's and cons of the arrangement. Apparently, farmers don't like it because it throws cows off their normal routine and the cows get moody until they get settled into the new milking times. Morning people don't like it because it takes away the sunlight for their favorite part of the day, that time between 5 and 7 when all the people they don't like are asleep.

Actually for me it works out swell. Who cares if there is sunlight before 7:30? I'm either asleep or half asleep playing with my coffee maker. But it means it is light when I get home, it is even light after dinner. I can even walk through the park after work. Not that I really walk through the park after work but knowing that I can is a boost to my morale.

The thing I most remember about Daylight Savings Time is that it would inspire my mother to let her boys (or boy after seventh grade) get out the grill and cook outside. She would summon me from my homework (or Dan Ingram) and I would run downstairs to get the grill ready. I would light the charcoals and put the potatoes on.  Just when I would be ready to cook the meat, Mother and Dear Poppa were well into cocktails. I would shout out, "Time for the hamburgers" and she would tell me, "Don't rush me, the salad isn't ready".  

At this time I'd put on the transistor radio and listen to the "Record Shop" on WINS.  Through family barbecues I learned about the old expression, "hurry up and wait". Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I didn't need a flashlight to grill the meat.