Saturday, April 22, 2017

High heels

As we sit in our kitchens contemplating nuclear war with Korea, a new controversy has emerged, thanks to our friends in jolly olde England. Apparently there is a group that does not like the idea that companies in Britain can force females to wear high heeled shoes. The government apparently refused to change the law but promised a guidance letter to be issued this summer.

One one hand, when I'm in a fancy nightclub or restaurant (admittedly a rare event) I've always thought it was nice to have a waitress in a short dress and high heels. On the other hand, for the price of a free cup of soup I might even be willing to forgo that pleasure. The women in Britan argue that it is a sexist situation, since men are never required to wear high heels to the office. That is true, I don't even own a pair.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bill O'Reilly

For years I have watched Bill O'Reilly before going to bed. I like him because he is in the "spin free zone". Now he's in trouble. Why? Because he always tell the truth. I'm of the opinion that it's always the woman's fault. If you want to leave their husbands and go on tv I guess they have the right but to bring down a decent person like old Bill isn't right.


A few years ago I wrote an Easter blog. Happy Easter. Today was also my old man's birthday.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Self flushing toilets

I have a gripe. The gripe is about the new self-flushing toilet they put in at work. The theory is that most people are too lazy or too distracted to flush the toilet. However I have a gripe. After I do my business and stand up to horse around with the toilet paper it flushes. Then, after I put in the toilet paper I have to flush it again. I don't see how turning one flush into two flushes is efficient or saves water. 

Yesterday I was sitting on the john thinking about my pension when suddenly the toilet flushed unexpectedly. I felt like I was using a bidet as I got an unexpected rinse in a place I wasn't expecting. Seems the water was higher than usual due to toilet paper or something jamming the mechanism. I guess it could have been worse. New Jersey, unlike some states, doesn't have alligators in the sewer systems.