Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aunt Agnes had a dream

For today's blog I have a guest host, Dear Aunt Agnes.

Yesterday I shared a pot luck with some of the ladies from the congregation and had a delicious plate of Welsh rarebit. Well the legend was true. I had a horrible dream. I was sound in my bed and I could feel someone looking down at me. He was an Arab fellow with a long head scarf. 

"Hello, Christian lady. President Obama let me have asylum along with a group of refugees from Syria. I am going to have to take your television set and your mattress. Then we are going to pray to my God."

Boy did I wake up fast. I am so worried about what that president is going to let into this country. Please lord, may our next president be Republican!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The barbershop is back

I wrote this in 2011:

Every Friday I have gotten in the habit of listening to the Barbershop. As a Caucasian, I've often wondered what Black people talk about when they're ruminating in the neighborhood

tonsorial salons. Today, we have the privilege of finding out, thanks to the feature on NPR, the Barbershop. 1:45 PM. 

Today in 2015:
The Barbershop is back! : Michel Martin and a new crew are back on NPR on Saturdays as part of the weekend All Things Considered. Now again Caucasians can eavesdrop on the thinking of the Black intelligentsia. I hope they have upholstered the seats by now.