Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back scratching, airports, tunnels and foreign policy

Back in the day, Lyndon Johnson would grab a Senator by the arm and say,
"You know I landed in Memphis Airport last week  and was thinking, my they could use a new runway and a terminal down here."
"My thinking exactly Mr. President."
"You know if you could help me on this here civil rights bill we might find some money to help pay for your improvements in Memphis", the President would say.
Next month the civil rights legislation was passed and the next summer federal funds would became available to double the capacity at Memphis Airport.

Now our president needs the help of Chuck Schumer on the Iran deal. Israel's close friend in the Senate is suddenly being enticed with money to rebuild LaGuardia Airport. Somehow Hudson tunnel money is surfacing again.
Somewhere in Washington Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are talking turkey. I wouldn't be surprised if Senator Menendez gets out of legal trouble too. Everybody's back needs scratching once and a while.

Editor's note: Well it looks like my theory was wrong. LBJ had a complacent Congress unlike today. Schumer and Memendez are fighting the Iran deal and no federal money for the tunnel.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Most of my unit is what can charitably be called "hardwood floors" and I am pretty good about maintaining them on a weekly basis. My bedroom and home office have "wall to wall carpeting" which requires the work of a vacuum cleaner. I have a powerful, if noisy, Eureka commercial vacuum that I bought eight years ago at the hospital auxiliary flea market. Every three months I whip it out, move stuff out of the way and put it to work. Once every season I vacuum.

Today I did my semi-annual emptying of the thing. It doesn't take a bag I just open up the bag and dump two years worth of crud out of the bag. Today I emptied the bag, the shredder, and vacuumed the rugs. I am a lazy vacuumer. I don't move the computer desk or anything too cumbersome. I figure on my upcoming ten year clean I'll clean the rugs. Perhaps when I retire.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Flip Phone


Yes I have a flip phone. It makes calls. It gets calls when it is on. I never set it up to text or make pictures. It's cheap and I'm perfectly happy.

It's hard because todo el mundo has fancy schmancy phones. They have iphones, they have Androids. People sit around all day comparing their cellphones. I feel left out at times. I read in the news that Lindsey Graham has a flip phone. Well he had a flip phone.

Last week I saw a movie in one of those new fangled movie houses where they have airplane style seats with foot rests that pull up. When I was leaving I noticed I no longer had my flip phone. My neighbor found it in the grill of the chair. "Wow a flip phone! I didn't know they still made those!"

I am on the Internet at home. I am at the Internet at the office. I don't need to have the Internet when I'm eating eggs in a diner. As we get older we become like our fathers. We still had a black and white tv in 1967.

Editor's note: My flip phone, a nifty clock radio and a cabinet that could use a paint job.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Air conditioning at the office

July in the workplace. Years ago, I remember a co worker saying he looked forward to halter season all year. All the young lady’s in their halter tops. This is the time of year when you can wear your sporty t shirts and on casual Fridays, your monkey t shirt.                                 

But, alas, this year I have gone back to long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and I celebrate casual Fridays with my lumberjack clothing. The air conditioning is up so high, and with no windows in my office, it is darn chilly at work. The women at work are walking around with several layers of clothing on. No halter tops here.

Life is full of disappointments. All my stylish short sleeve shirts sitting in the closet while I look like I'm dressed for snow. It's real fun when I go outside for a walk and am bombarded with 90 degree weather and I'm wearing a sweater.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I don't like Will Ferrell

I watch a lot of movies on tv and with my Netflix subscription. I notice THIS has a lot of free (if commercial loaded) movies and occasionally if nothing else is on, I'll give it a try. His movies always start promising enough. Will Ferrell is a single Dad with the kids for the weekend. Then things start happening. I know that Will Ferrell is considered by my fellow countrymen to be the funniest man in comedy. Somehow, I always am disappointed with Will Ferrell movies. Maybe it's because he's in so many things, that some of his projects turn out to be dogs. He is in a lot of movies.

Naah, I just don't like Will Ferell.