Sunday, July 26, 2015


Most of my unit is what can charitably be called "hardwood floors" and I am pretty good about maintaining them on a weekly basis. My bedroom and home office have "wall to wall carpeting" which requires the work of a vacuum cleaner. I have a powerful, if noisy, Eureka commercial vacuum that I bought eight years ago at the hospital auxiliary flea market. Every three months I whip it out, move stuff out of the way and put it to work. Once every season I vacuum.

Today I did my semi-annual emptying of the thing. It doesn't take a bag I just open up the bag and dump two years worth of crud out of the bag. Today I emptied the bag, the shredder, and vacuumed the rugs. I am a lazy vacuumer. I don't move the computer desk or anything too cumbersome. I figure on my upcoming ten year clean I'll clean the rugs. Perhaps when I retire.

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