Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Flip Phone


Yes I have a flip phone. It makes calls. It gets calls when it is on. I never set it up to text or make pictures. It's cheap and I'm perfectly happy.

It's hard because todo el mundo has fancy schmancy phones. They have iphones, they have Androids. People sit around all day comparing their cellphones. I feel left out at times. I read in the news that Lindsey Graham has a flip phone. Well he had a flip phone.

Last week I saw a movie in one of those new fangled movie houses where they have airplane style seats with foot rests that pull up. When I was leaving I noticed I no longer had my flip phone. My neighbor found it in the grill of the chair. "Wow a flip phone! I didn't know they still made those!"

I am on the Internet at home. I am at the Internet at the office. I don't need to have the Internet when I'm eating eggs in a diner. As we get older we become like our fathers. We still had a black and white tv in 1967.

Editor's note: My flip phone, a nifty clock radio and a cabinet that could use a paint job.

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