Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa rides on a fire engine

When I first moved into my neighborhood I was startled to hear fire trucks and police sirens in my neighborhood. #(*&*(^*&)% I said, there must be a fire! Hurrying to put on my shoes I looked out the window. There was a red fire truck with Santa Claus waving from the engine. This being a new facet of the holidays I had never seen, I was still relived to be able to go back to my Masterpiece Theatre and put my pajamas back on.

Recently at a department Christmas lunch the conversation (these things can get dull) turned to the topic of when children discover the truth about Santa. The thought occurred to me of how to explain to a Santa believer the presence of Santa on a fire truck. The best story I could think of is that he does this to spy on the little children to make sure they are being nice and not naughty. This has the double advantage of keeping the Santa story alive (you can always blame him when the kids don't get what they wanted under the tree) and to keep the kids from getting too bratty in the month of  December.

I am getting jaded in my old age. Last night I heard all the commotion outside and ignored the whole thing. We have now all been trained to ignore the sound of fire alarms during the days preceding Christmas. Hope there never is a real fire during this time of year.

Editor's note: Here is cute video you might enjoy. It contains frank language. Happy Kringles!

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