Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby registries

There are two worlds that a man is likely to encounter in life. There is the dark bizarre world of bachelorhood. A world of dank bars, movie houses, travel, museums, bachelorettes and take-out Chinese food. Then there is the main stream world of marriage, kids, family and two story colonials. Work is one of those places where these two worlds intersect.

So that is why I am browsing the Baby's R Us baby registry of a co-worker who has a cake in the oven. I guess there was the off chance that the $25 for the baby shower/luncheon/gift was insufficient to show one's affection for lady x so the memo also included a link to her baby registry. Her boss is also expecting, as much as a man can be expecting, and his baby registry is also featured. Personally I think it's un-manly to distribute a man's baby registry at work but that is a theme for another day.

The baby registry is fascinating. Until yesterday I never knew such things existed. Now I get to experience first hand the pleasures of birth, albeit vicariously. How neet! A giraffe teether! A daisy decorated changing table! Baby bouncers! Who knew such things existed! Well, time to put the dim sum in the microwave.

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