Saturday, January 21, 2017

The end of the American century

One hundred years ago the United States, under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson, entered World War I.  For one hundred years, American was the leader of the free world with all the responsibility that entails. Today the American century has ended. For better or worse, we are now an independent country, responsible for our own needs and nobody elses. 

Like a mother who cuts her daughter loose financially, or the man who buys a motorcycle and ends his membership in the car pool, we are now a world unto ourselves. Influenced only by our new leader, Russia, we, like Bulgaria, are now a minor world power. 

There are nice things about our new status. We can now be selfish and concentrate on ourselves and our own needs. "Sorry, I can't coach Little League this year, don't you know Trump is president now?"
"Sorry, this year we are taking a family vacation and leaving Aunt Louise to fend for herself in the nursing home."

I suspect we have not seen the end of those pink hats. At least I won't have to wear one. There are advantages in being a man. 

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