Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mali or am I a man or a mouse

Last week a new word was introduced to my vocabulary. Mali. The first new entity in the news of 2013 that did not exist for most of us in 2013. It seems that after a coup or two, France has invaded Mali, a former colony, to drive out Islamist terrorists. Then they got mad and took over a natural gas site in Algeria. Then there was a botched rescue attempt. Somehow all the trouble started when Quadafi gave guns to men to fight for him. Now the guns are in Mali. Time for us to bone up on Algeria. The one thing I remember is seeing the Battle of Algiers in college. I think the French lost that one.

So what should America do? Are we men or  mice?

We are men!
We can't let the French carry all the water. This is a fight for freedom and America has interests in keeping the gold and natural gas out of the hands of Al-Qaida. Time has come for us to have a good fight in Mali. Love of freedom means troops in Mali. 

We are mice!
Let the French do it. It's their turn. We don't get any energy from that region. We have our own natural gas. America doesn't want to add Mali to a list of failed American ventures fighting terrorism. This whole thing could turn out badly. 

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