Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Santa Claus is back in the garage

A friend wrote me that she gets depressed this time of year. She hates taking down the tree and putting the ornaments back in boxes. Most of all she hates putting her life sized Santa Claus back in the garage. I was so moved I wrote this poem:

Another Christmas come and go

The fun the tinsel ho ho ho

But now it’s over no no no

And Santa’s back in the garage.

We sang our hymns and cookies made

But now that cheery time will fade

Christmas visits have been paid

And Santa’s back in the garage.

Oh holy night is now forgotten

Old wool socks replaced by cotton

I was so glad now feeling rotten

And Santa’s back in the garage.

So here’s a toast to the new year

Hot spiced cider replaced by beer

Winter gloom instead of cheer

And Santa’s back in the garage.

Next to the gas for the lawn mower

Near the sand and the snow blower

Spirits high now getting lower

Santa’s back in the garage.

1 comment:

  1. We have kept our Christmas decorations up as late as the end of February. But they would definitely never be down before little Chistmas or Twelfth Night.

    One year I said, "Well, I suppose that we have to take everything down."

    My sweetheart said, "Why? Does it make you smile? If it does, just leave everything up and don't worry about what anyone else thinks."

    The day after Christmas it was so sad when we looked at the house across the street and saw their already stripped tree laying in the front yard. They have two little girls and had made a big thing about going out to cut their own tree a week before Christmas...now all gone.

    I suppose they look across at our house and think we are nuts...or maybe it secretly makes them smile.